CPB CANopen Technical Manual

6041h Statusword

Object description

Index 6041h
Object name Statusword
Object Code VARIABLE
Data type UNSIGNED16
Savable no
Access read only
PDO mapping TX-PDO
Allowed values
Preset value 0000h
Firmware version FIR-v1426
Change history


Parts of the object are, with respect to function, dependent on the currently selected mode. Refer to the corresponding section in chapter Operating modes.

RTSO (Ready To Switch On)
Value = "1": Controller is in the "Ready to switch on" state
SO (Switched On)
Value = "1": Controller is in the "Switched on" state
OE (Operation Enabled)
Value = "1": Controller is in the "Operation enabled" state
Error occurred (see 1003h)
VE (Voltage Enabled)
Voltage applied
QS (Quick Stop)
Value = "0": Controller is in the "Quick stop" state
SOD (Switched On Disabled)
Value = "1": Controller is in the "Switched on disabled" state
WARN (Warning)
Value = "1": Warning
SYNC (synchronization)
Value = "1": Controller is in sync with the fieldbus; value = "0": Controller is not in sync with the fieldbus
REM (Remote)
Remote (value of the bit is always "1" )
Target reached
ILA (Internal Limit Active)
Limit exceeded
OMS (Operation Mode Specific)
Meaning is dependent on the selected operating mode
CLA (Closed Loop Active)
Value = "1": The controller is in the Operation enabled state and the Closed-Loop is activated.

Listed in the following table are the bit masks that break down the state of the controller.

Statusword (6041h) State
xxxx xxxx x0xx 0000 Not ready to switch on
xxxx xxxx x1xx 0000 Switch on disabled
xxxx xxxx x01x 0001 Ready to switch on
xxxx xxxx x01x 0011 Switched on
xxxx xxxx x01x 0111 Operation enabled
xxxx xxxx x00x 0111 Quick stop active
xxxx xxxx x0xx 1111 Fault reaction active
xxxx xxxx x0xx 1000 Fault
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