CPB CANopen Technical Manual

203Fh Max Slippage Time Out


Time in milliseconds until an excessively large slippage error in Profile Velocity mode results in an error message.

Object description

Index 203Fh
Object name Max Slippage Time Out
Object Code VARIABLE
Data type UNSIGNED16
Savable yes, category: application
Access read / write
PDO mapping RX-PDO
Allowed values
Preset value 0064h
Firmware version FIR-v1738-B501312
Change history


If the actual speed deviates so much from the set speed that the value (absolute value) of the object 60F8h (Max Slippage) is exceeded, bit 13 in object 6041h is set. The deviation must last longer than the time in object 203Fh.

A reaction to the slippage error can be set in object 3700h. If a reaction is defined, an error is also entered in object 1003h.

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