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Flat external rotor motor

The DFA90 motor has a rated power of up to 170 W and comes with two different windings for 24 and 48 V. The 22-pole construction ensures smooth operation at low speeds.

Firmware update available now!

Plug & Drive Studio 2.1 comes with a firmware update that includes new features: processing of input from multiple sensors, slow speed mode, user-defined SI units and normalized PI parameters.

Geared motor for small spaces

Combining Nanotec’s brushless DC motor DFA68 with the new high-torque planetary gearbox GP56 results in a very short geared motor with a rated torque of up to 26Nm.

Wheel drives for service robots

The WD wheel drives consist of a wheel, integrated planetary gearbox and bearing in one unit. Combined with Nanotec’s motors and controllers, they are ideal for use in service robots or AGVs.

Stepper with FluxFocus technology

Due to Nanotec’s new FluxFocus technology, the SCB56 motor achieves the highest torque/size ratio of all standard NEMA 23 stepper motors on the market. Its max. holding torque is 2.95 Nm.

BLDC replaces AC servo

With a rated power of up to 400 W, the BLDC motors of the APBA60 series match the power of AC servos with 60 mm flange. They are rated IP65 and come with encoder or with encoder and brake.

直线步进电机 推力提升30%



Nanotec 现在提供多种型号的高转矩行星变速箱,适用于需要高转矩和高盈利能力的应用。


CL4-E 电机控制器的特点是有高性能和紧凑式设计。其峰值功率为 1050 W,运行电压为 58 V。无需使用额外的散热片。


The webinar takes an in-depth look at smart servo steppers and smart brushless servos, presenting a product comparison to help you make an informed decision. Now available on-demand!

Scholarship program

As one of the sponsors of the German scholarship program ‘Deutschlandstipendium’, Nanotec supports high-achieving and committed students every year.

Motor configurator

Our configurator will help you customize your motor with encoder, brake or gearbox within one minute. Simply select a motor and click on CONFIGURE.

Automated Steering

The Driverless team of High-Octane Motorsports e.V. from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg converted a standard go-cart into an autonomous driving vehicle in one year.

关于 Nanotec

Nanotec Electronic GmbH & Co. KG 总部位于 Feldkirchen(慕尼黑),是面向高品质驱动解决方案的电机和控制装置的优质制造商之一。自 1991 年以来,本公司始终致力于开发和销售种类多样的产品。Nanotec 技术主要用于自动化系统、实验室自动化设备、医疗仪器、包装行业和半导体生产。

Nanotec 于 1996 年推出了第一台具有集成控制器的即插即用电机,是一个对公司成长至关重要的里程碑。如今的 Nanotec 非常注重研发工作,全力打造满足用户需求和要求的驱动器解决方案。位于 Feldkirchen 的总部研发部门,负责开发电机控制器、传感器和定制应用所需的硬件和软件。我们设在位于 Pegnitz 的研发中心,从事我们下一代产品的创新开发。

我们与设在中国常州和瓦尔纳/保加利亚和美国史东罕(马萨诸塞州)的子公司以及 20 多个 销售合作伙伴密切合作,为全球用户提供 Nanotec 驱动器解决方案和专业技术支持。





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