CPB CANopen Technical Manual

Profile Torque


In this mode, the torque is preset as a set value and reached via a ramp function.

Note: This mode only functions if closed loop is activated, see also Commissioning Closed Loop.


The following bits in object 6040h (controlword) have a special function:

  • Bit 8 (Halt): If this bit is set to "1", the motor stops. If this bit is set from "1" to "0", the motor is started up according to the presets. When setting from "0" to "1", the motor is again brought to a standstill, taking the preset values into consideration.


The following bits in object 6041h (statusword) have a special function:

  • Bit 10 (Target Reached): In combination with bit 8 of object 6040h (controlword), this bit indicates whether the specified torque is reached (see following table). The target is considered having been met if the current torque (6077h Torque Actual Value) is within a tolerance window (203Dh Torque Window) for a specified time (203Eh Torque Window Time Out).


    Bit 8


    Bit 10

    0 0 Specified torque not reached
    0 1 Specified torque reached
    1 0 Axis brakes
    1 1 Axis speed is 0
  • Bit 11: Limit exceeded: The target torque (6071h) exceeds the maximum torque entered in 6072h.

Object entries

All values of the following entries in the object dictionary are to be specified as a thousandth of the maximum torque, which corresponds to the rated current (203Bh:01h) . This includes the objects:

  • 6071h (Target Torque):

    Target torque

  • 6072h (Max Torque):

    Maximum torque during the entire ramp (accelerate, maintain torque, decelerate)

  • 6073h (Max Current):

    Maximum current. The minimum of 6073h and 6072h is used as limit for the torque in 6071h.

  • 6074h (Torque Demand):

    Current output value of the ramp generator (torque) for the controller

  • 6087h (Torque Slope):

    Max. change in torque per second

Note: These values are not limited to 100% of the rated current (203Bh:01h). Torque values greater than the rated torque (generated from the rated current) can be achieved if the maximum duration (203Bh:02h) of the maximum current (6073h) is set (see I2t Motor overload protection). All torque objects are limited by the maximum motor current (2031h).

The following objects are also needed for this operating mode:

  • 3202h Bit 5 (Motor Drive Submode Select):

    If this bit is set to "0", the drive controller is operated in the torque-limited Velocity Mode, i.e., the maximum speed can be limited in object 6080h and the controller can operate in field weakening mode.

    If this bit is set to "1", the controller operates in the ("Real") Torque Mode; the maximum speed cannot be limited here and field weakening mode is not possible.

Objects of the ramp generator

Torque curve

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