CPB CANopen Technical Manual

Setting the motor data

Prior to commissioning, the motor controller requires a number of values from the motor data sheet.

  • Number of pole pairs: Object 2030h:00h (pole pair count) The number of motor pole pairs is to be entered here. With a stepper motor, the number of pole pairs is calculated using the step angle, e.g., 1.8° = 50 pole pairs, 0.9° = 100 pole pairs (see step angle in motor data sheet). With BLDC motors, the number of pole pairs is specified directly in the motor data sheet.
  • Object 2031h:00h: maximum permissible motor current (motor protection) in mA (see motor data sheet)
  • Object 6075h:00h: rated current of the motor in mA (see motor data sheet), limited by 2031h
  • Object 6073h:00h: maximum current (for a stepper motor, generally corresponds to the rated current, bipolar) in tenths of a percent of the set rated current (see motor data sheet). Factory settings: "1000", which corresponds to 100% of the value in 6075h. Is limited by 2031h.

  • Object 203Bh:02h Maximum duration of the maximum current (6073h) in ms (for initial commissioning, Nanotec recommends a value of 100 ms; this value is to be adapted later to the specific application).
  • Setting the motor type:
    • Stepper motor:
      • Object 3202h:00h (Motor Drive Submode Select): Defines motor type stepper motor, activates current reduction on motor standstill: 0000008h.See also chapter Commissioning open-loop.
    • BLDC motor:
      • Object 3202h:00h (Motor Drive Submode Select): Defines motor type BLDC: 00000040h
  • Motor with encoder without index: You must set the encoder parameters after the Auto setup, see chapter Configuring the sensors.
    • Stepper motor, brake control (and current reduction) activated: 0000000Ch
    • BLDC motor, brake control activated: 00000044h

Due to the sine commutation and the sinusoidal current flow, the current of a motor winding can achieve an alternating current value that is briefly greater (by max. √2 times) than the set current.

At especially slow speeds or while at a standstill with full load, one of the windings can therefore be supplied with overcurrent for a longer period of time. Take this into account when dimensioning the motor and select a motor with larger torque reserve if necessary if required by the application.

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