CPB CANopen Technical Manual

2037h Open Loop Current Reduction Value/factor


This object describes the rms current to which the motor current is to be reduced if current reduction is activated in open loop (bit 3 in 3202h = "1") and the motor is at a standstill.

Object description

Index 2037h
Object name Open Loop Current Reduction Value/factor
Object Code VARIABLE
Data type INTEGER32
Savable yes, category: application
Access read / write
PDO mapping no
Allowed values
Preset value FFFFFFCEh
Firmware version FIR-v1426
Change history


Value of 2037h greater than or equal to 0 and less than value 6075h
Current is reduced to the value entered here. The value is in mA and interpreted as root mean square.
Value of 2037h in the range from -1 to -100

The entered value is interpreted as a percentage and determines the reduction of the rated current in 2037h. The value in 6075h is used for the calculation.

Example: Object 6075h has the value 4200 mA. The value -60 in 2037h reduces the current by 60% of 6075h. The result is a current reduction to a root mean square of 6075h * (2037h + 100) / 100 = 1680 mA.

The value -100 in 2037h would, for example, mean that a current reduction is set to a root mean square of 0 mA.

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