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202Dh MODBUS RTU Parity


For Modbus RTU, this object sets the number of parity bits and stop bits.

Object description

Index 202Dh
Object name MODBUS RTU Parity
Object Code VARIABLE
Data type UNSIGNED8
Savable yes, category: Modbus RTU
Access read / write
PDO mapping no
Allowed values
Preset value 04h
Firmware version FIR-v1540
Change history

Firmware version FIR-v1748-B531667: "Savable" entry changed from "yes, category: communication" to "yes, category: Modbus RTU".


The following values apply:

  • Value "0x00": Parity None, Stop Bits 2
  • Value "0x04": Parity Even, Stop Bits 1
  • Value "0x06": Parity Odd, Stop Bits 1
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