SCB6018L4204-B –  Stepper motor with FluxFocus technology – NEMA 24 新建


Ultra high-torque stepper motor with integrated connector and 60 mm flange. By inserting rare earth magnets between the stator teeth, stray magnetic flux is redirected into the teeth, resulting in a holding torque of up to 3.6 Nm.

The SCB6018 motor comes with a second shaft for mounting an optical or magnetic encoder.

  •  Highest torque/size ratio of all NEMA 24 stepper motors on the market
  • Torque improvement over the whole speed range
  • 1.8° step angle
  • Improved efficiency

When you have selected a motor, you will find a matching encoder quickly and easily with the help of our product configurator.

Matching motor controllers: 
C5-E, CL4-E



  • NEMA 24 
  • 相电流 4.2 A
  • 转子的转动惯量 840 gcm²
  • 相电感 2.4 mH
  • 机身长度“A”
  • 轴端 双 
  • D向轴 
  • 尺寸
  • 保持转矩
  • 相电阻 0.72 Ohm
  • 分辨率 1.8 °/步
  • 重量
  • 轴直径


Creation in progress ...