Webinar: The new wheel drives – Advantages and applications

In this webinar, you will learn more about the Nanotec wheel drives and how they can be adjusted to individual vehicle concepts. Using an example configuration, we explain what needs to be observed when designing, what the maximum load is and how the service life of the ball bearings is calculated. Duration: 40 min. Please note that the webinar is held in German. 

Our product manager Dr. Alexander Naubert also explains how to find the right motor for your wheel drive and provides information about:

  • Various construction types
  • The configuration with a brake
  • Suitable gear reductions
  • Possible applications

The wheel drives from Nanotec consists of an extremely short unit of wheel, internal planetary gearbox and bearing. Combining the wheel drives with a motor and a motor controller/drive results in a compact drive unit for self-propelled vehicles, such as service robots or AGVs.